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Sunday 11/28/2021

Pastor Ed Perry – “He Went the Distance”

Sunday 11/21/2021

Pastor Ed Perry – “The Dirtier, the Better!”

Sunday 11/14/2021

Brother Robert Grindley – Missionary to Bostwana

Sunday 11/7/2021

Pastor Ed Perry – “God Wants You”

Sunday 10/31/2021

Pastor Ed Perry – “Who Do You Trust”

Sunday 10/24/2021
Pastor Ed Perry – “You know Him, but does He know you?”

Sunday 10/17/2021
Pastor Larry Chamberlin ‘Somebody turn the light on’
Fire In The Spirit Day 3
Pastor Larry Chamberlin
Fire In The Spirit  Day 2 Saturday 10/16/2021
Pastor Larry Chamberlin
Fire In The Spirit Day 1 Friday 10/15/2021

Sunday 10/10/2021

Pastor Ed Perry – What’s Enough?

Sunday 10/3/2021

Pastor Ed Perry – “Covenant Begins”

Sunday 9/26/2021

Jeff Steinberg – “What’s Behind the Mask?”

Sunday 9/19/2021

Pastor Ed Perry – “The Storm is Here! (Part 2)”

Sunday 9/12/2021

Pastor Ed Perry – “The Storm is Here!”

Sunday 9/5/2021

Assistant Pastor George LaMontagne

Sunday 8/29/2021

Pastor Ed Perry – “A Storm is Coming!”

(The services on 8/22/2021 was cancelled due to hurricane Henri)

Sunday 8/15/2021

Pastor Ed Perry – “Who’s Will Do You Want?”

Sunday 8/8/2021

Pastor Ed Perry “The Blood Covering”

Sunday 8/1/2021

Pastor Ed Perry – “Sure Looks Good To Me!”

Sunday 7/25/2021

Brother Robert Grindley – “Appropriating His Presence”

Sunday 7/18/2021

Pastor George LaMontagne – “The Holy Spirit”

Sunday 7/11/2021

Pastor Ed Perry – “What Can A Few Do?”

Sunday 7/4/2021

Joe Warren – “Introduction & Invitations (Part 2)”

Sunday 6/27/2021

Joe Warren – “Introductions & Invitations”

Sunday 6/20/2021

Pastor Ed Perry – “Who’s Your Daddy?”

Sunday 6/13/2021

Pastor Ed Perry – “Praying With Power!”

Sunday 6/6/2021

Pastor George LaMontagne – “The Word”

Sunday 5/30/2021

Pastor Ed Perry – “The Enemy Revealed” Part 2

Sunday 5/23/2021

Pastor George DeTillis – “Do You Have The Power?”

Sunday 5/16/2021

Pastor Ed Perry – “The Enemy Revealed”

Sunday 5/9/2021

Elvera – Mother’s Day

Fire In The Spirit weekend:


Pastor Joe Chamberlin – “Why not Now?” – Fire In The Spirit – Day 1

Saturday 4/31/2021

Pastor Joe Chamberlin – “Don’t Miss Your God Moment!” – Fire in the Spirit – Day 2 Sa

Sunday 5/1/2021

Pastor Joe Chamberlin – “Whatever Happened To Pentecost” – Fire in the Spirit – Day 3

Sunday 4/25/2021

Pastor Ed Perry – “Following the Holy Spirit”

Sunday 4/18/2021

Pastor Ed Perry – “God always makes a way!”

Sunday 4/11/2021

Pastor George LaMontagne – “Where is your faith?”

Sunday 4/4/2021

Pastor Ed Perry ” The Resurrection”

Sunday 3/28/2021

Pastor Ed Perry  “Have We Forgotten Who We Are?” Part 2

Sunday 3/21/2021

Pastor Ed Perry “Have We Forgotten Who We Are?”

Sunday 3/14/2021

Pastor Ed Perry “The only way to Victory is to Surrender!”

Sunday 3/7/2021

Pastor Ed Perry “There Is Something Strange Going On Here!”

Sunday 2/28/2021

Pastor George LaMontagne – My Heart Shall Not Fear

Sunday 2/21/2021

Pastor Ed Perry – “There’s Power in the Anointing”

Sunday 2/14/2021

Pastor Ed Perry – “God’s Order”

Sunday 2/7/2021

Pastor Ed Perry – “Choose This Day”

Sunday 1/31/2021

Pastor Ed Perry – “Love + Hate”

Sunday 1/24/2021

Pastor Ed Perry – “A Full 60 Minutes”

Sunday 1/17/2021

Pastor Ed Perry – “Out of the Box”

Sunday 1/10/2021

Pastor Ed Perry – “A Resolution Worth Keeping!” (Part 2)


Pastor Ed Perry – “A Resolution Worth Keeping! Holiness + Righteousness”

Sunday 12/27/2020

Pastor Ed Perry – “I don’t know what the future holds, But I know who holds the future.”

Sunday 12/20/2020

Pastor Ed Perry – “Not the engagement they expected”

Sunday 12/13/2020

Pastor Ed Perry – “Let Jesus in your boat!”

Sunday 11/29/2020

Joe Warren “Apparent Wrong Choices”

Sunday 11/22/2020

Pastor Ed Perry – “He is Praying for You”

Sunday 11/1/2020

Pastor Ed Perry – “The Power of Your Praise!”

Sunday 10/25/2020

Pastor Ed Perry – “The 3 R’s of Christianity”

Sunday 10/18/2020

Pastor Ed Perry  “Are you afraid to trust?”

Sunday 10/11/2020

Pastor Ed Perry “Beginning of the End!”

Sunday 10/4/2020

Pastor Ed Perry “What Should We Desire!”

Sunday 9/27/2020

Pastor George Lamontagne “Holy Spirit In You”

Sunday 9/20/2020

Pastor Ed Perry “What are we doing?”

Sunday 9/13/2020 

Pastor Ed Perry “It all starts at the knees”

Sunday 9/6/2020

Pastor George Lamontagne – “Who Are You Trusting In?”

Sunday 8/30/2020

Pastor Ed Perry –  “What is Impossible”

Sunday 8/23/2020

Pastor Ed Perry “Unplanned – Stepping out in Faith”

Sunday 8/16/2020

Pastor Ed Perry “From Despair to Surprise”

Sunday 8-9-2020

Pastor Ed Perry “No Other”

Sunday 8-2-2020
Joe Warren – “Law vs Grace” (Part 2)

Sunday 7-26-2020

“Praying It Safe”

Sunday 7-19-2020

Joe Warren – “Law vs Grace”

Sunday 7-12-2020

“Jesus, the Grace Teacher”

Sunday 7-5-2020

“Our Independence”

Sunday 6-28-2020

“Calling All Sinners”

Sunday 6-21-2020

“The Cost of Christianity”

Sunday 6-14-2020

Sunday 6-7-2020
“A New Thing”

Sunday 5-31-2020

“Forgiveness to Breakthrough”

Sunday May 24, 2020

“The Split”

Sunday 5-17-2020

“The WAR Against Our Faith”

Sunday 5/10/2020 – Mother’s Day

“Longing for Motherhood”

Sunday 5-3-2020

“For Power or Popularity?”